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All youth in grades 6-12 are invited to participate in weekly youth group! We meet most Sundays from 4-6 PM, though our schedule varies week to week. We are a community of young people grounded in love, radically defining what Christians look like in our world today. You are welcome whether you’ve been a member of the church for years, don’t consider yourself a Christian, or are just looking to be a part of a lively group of youth. We are affirming and progressive. We are quirky and we are real. We do life together and get to know God through spending time with each other.

Youth group is a supportive and reliable community, where everyone is welcomed and we find strength in navigating our spiritual journeys together.

Our community is based in fun! We play games, do art, have campfires, go to youth conferences, have lock-ins, and eat meals together.

Youth group is a space that fosters a growing relationship with God. We pray together, explore our doubts and questions, and celebrate the ways we see God in our lives.

Come join us!

Contact Melissa at for more information.

Many gatherings include a lunch/dinner. If you'd like to volunteer to bring us a meal, please contact Melissa!


Upcoming dates:

We'll be having online youth group through Zoom while our church is not meeting in person due to coronavirus. Come join us for at-home scavenger hunts, silly games, and mini-lessons! Please email for a link to our Sunday 4 pm Zoom video calls.



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